His Powerlevel is Over 9000!!!!!

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His Powerlevel is Over 9000!!!!!

Post by xOver9000 on Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:33 am

Wassup bitches!
No, just kidding I love you all!
My name is xOver9000, but you may call me Tim aswell.
I was born in the Netherlands in 1994 and I'm currently 21 years old.
I'm trying to be very active on Darkscape, because I just enjoy chatting/playing with you morons Wink
I play at irregular times, but I'm sure many of you have seen me online at some point of the day Very Happy
I dislike grinding, I usually do one skill for max 30 minutes and then do something else.
Also, I study International Business at university, so that takes some of my time aswell.
I Might add some stuff here, because I'm in a hurry right now. Feel free to ask anything though.
k bai!
Decided to post a pic of me (and my squad) since some of you did that aswell.
Try not to fall in love Razz Me is on the bottom right, leather jacket


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