The epic TSM Symphony~

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The epic TSM Symphony~

Post by TSM Symphony on Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:06 pm

Hello hello, welcome to the "brilliant" mind of TSM Symphony!

You may call me Zach, TSM, Symphony.
Whatever the **** you want honestly!

I'm a player of everything, been a gamer all my life.
I play everything from PS4, to 3DS, to PC games.
Catch me on Fallout 4 and Black Ops III this past week and rest of the year with the PS4 tag: SymphonicBlaze
I play League of Legends (MusicBlaze) and go ahead and add me on steam cause I'm playing everything on there as well (CS:GO, H1Z1) maybe we'll queue up for some duos and wreck some noobs (skelet√łn). I'll go ahead and say I'm not the best but above average in all!
Currently an eighteen year old college student, with a mind that wants to get a job but feels sleep is better.
But for now, I'm here because of the love of the clan and to better the Shadow Legion and make it the best of the best here on Darkscape!
Player Message, say Hi, get to know me more than the post, y'know!

Find me in-game usually at G.E doing non-combat skilling wearing the cape!

TSM Symphony

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